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Revitalise Your Damaged Hair This Spring

Spring is a time of fresh starts so it's the perfect chance for you to focus on revitalising your damaged hair.

Over the winter months it's common for us to turn inwards and worry less about our physical appearance, but in the warmer seasons when social events begin to peak it can be harder to hide things like neglected hair.

We've rounded up our best tips and tricks to repair your hair.

Avoid over washing

Washing too frequently can strip your hair of its natural oils that keep it balanced. This can make it prone to dryness and become brittle and snap off. If you are an avid cleaner, start by washing every other day before moving to once every 3 days or so. At the start it can be difficult to resist the temptation to wash but after a while your hair adjusts and produces less oil so it will stay fresh for longer.


Moisturise your hair from the inside out! True health starts from within so make sure you keep up with your daily water intake. 2 litres a day is often a great amount to aim for depending on your climate and activity levels.

Deep conditioning mask

In salon we can treat your locks to a deep conditioning mask treatment while you take a moment for yourself to unwind. This treatment enables the product to penetrate the hair, sealing any dry and broken areas and allowing it to heal.

Salon treatment

Air dry

In your daily hair care routine at home, we suggest you cool it with the heat tools and give your hair the opportunity to air dry whenever possible. Save the heat styling for special occasions and your hair will thank you!

Less is more

The more product you apply the more your hair will be weighed down, limp and dull giving you the need to wash it. Reduce the amount of products you put in your hair and you might be pleasantly surprised to find that you don't always need a huge range.

Allow us at Awen Hair Skin and Body to treat your hair to a special spring makeover for just $99! This also gives you a chance to try our hair care memberships.

Book online now at your own convenience.


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